About J. Marie

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Janna, also known as J.Marie or ItsMeJMarie if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

I was born in Florida, raised in Richmond, and made in NYC, the city that will forever have my heart for more reasons than one. I've since moved from the big city and back to Richmond, VA, but remain dedicated to living life as vibrantly, adventurously, and as creatively as ever.

I started a new chapter in my life on August 1st, 2015, and though it's been scary to leave my job, my new apartment, and the life I spent 5 years building, I'm up for the challenge and slowly learning to live fearlessly. I hope I inspire you to do the same!

This blog started back in 2011 as I documented my first 365 days in New York City. TheBigApple365, it was called, later became ItsMeJMarie.com after almost 3 years of inactivity. Though I wasn't writing here, the passion remained, and I blogged professionally for a non-profit organization and started TheBlancheChronicles as a way to focus on the positive friendships in my life after a rough romantic patch. But here we are with ItsMeJMarie.com, and I'm committed to sharing my most intimate thoughts paired with the exciting ups and downs life tosses my way.

So, as you read, enjoy my posts as I share a little bit of everything that makes me, me. You'll read about my obsession with working out (due to my obsession with food), my love of travel, my new adventures as a Funemployed freelance writer (need a writer? contact me!) and my love of creating priceless memories with my family, friends, and darling boyfriend. The best part? I'll get to practice my growing photography skills as I share my favorite moments with you. :)

Happy reading!

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