Fall-ing in Love with Tobi.

This past summer, when planning my epic St. Maarten vacation, a good friend suggested I head over to Tobi.com to build my vacation wardrobe. I'd never heard of it before, but once she told me about the 50% off for all first-time buyers, I was sold. I didn't even know exactly what they had on the site, but I knew I'd buy something off the strength that it was too good a deal to pass up.

Thankfully, I immediately fell in love with their items. For me, I loved most that their items made for the perfect unique basics. Black, olive, navy...those colors are my holy grail, and there's no shortage of them. I also loved that even the most classic of silhouettes came in colors that made my outfit pop. After weeks of browsing the site, filling my cart, and returning to it to make edits, and I'd successfully built my St. Maarten wardrobe. Sure, the 50% off was a major plus, but my love affair with Tobi was just beginning.

Fast forward three months. I'm SO excited to collab with Tobi, this incredible, chic, and (wait for it!) affordable brand that I've grown to love. And even better is that it's for my favorite season--fall! The colors, the layering, the chunky knit sweaters..what's not to love? Collaborating with Tobi is the icing on my fall-colored, leaf-covered, temperature-changing cake. From their sweaters to their outwear, I could spend forever on their site constructing the perfect fall-to-winter wardrobe--just like I did this summer. 

My absolute favorite is this All the Angles sweater. The chunky knit is a fall staple for me, and the rust color just screams all-things-fall. I'll already admit to wearing this way often than I should. (Hey! Judgement-free zone over here.)

Next up is this amazingly warm Chills Shearling Jacket. I've never actually given shearling a try before, so I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and into this comfy coat. It seriously does NOT skimp on lining, so I won't be able to wear this beauty until the temperature drops a bit more. Fall--NOT winter--is my favorite season, but I'm going into December a little less fearful thanks to this one.

Thanks so much to Tobi for the collaboration opportunity. Make sure you shop from my exclusive links, posted above. And don't forget: 50% for all new shoppers! Happy shopping. :)

*Custom leather earrings by Hyde RVA.


  1. I love this!! Heading over to Tobi right now!!!

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