Cheers to 28.

I figured I’d come out of hiding for the sake of 1. My birthday and 2. My blog! I miss this thing, and have hated myself for neglecting so many things that I love dearly. 

Over the past 4 months (OMG, has it really been that long since I’ve blogged?), I’ve been extremely busy with work. And I guess it’s a good kind of busy; I asked for growth in my business, and that’s exactly what I’ve gotten. At times I feel overwhelmed, but I decided that for my birthday, I’d take out the time to do something completely for myself. 

I can’t believe that I’m really 28. I feel myself emerging from the beautiful disaster that are the early twenties, those years when you’re making poor decision after horrible decision, unclear of why or when the madness will stop. So I’m out of the early twenties, and out of those mid-twenties years where there’s actually somewhat of a method to the madness. We feel like we’ve lived enough post-collegiate life, so we just might know what we’re doing. It’s only after a few u-turns that you discover that nope, there’s still so much more to learn. 

Now 28, I feel happy with the decisions I make and the direction my life’s taking. I’ve spent a great deal of my twenties (well my life, really), concerned about who I am, why I am the way I am, and who I need to be in order to be liked…or successful…or whatever. It wasn't until this past year, though, that I’ve discovered who Janna is and have worked towards being comfortable with my discoveries. 

Discoveries like how sensitive I am, how easy it is for me to get emotional and how hard it is to control it. Discoveries like having anxiety over the smallest things such as ordering at a restaurant or leaving social encounters. A friend once told me that at 26, you stop giving a damn about what people think and stop second-guessing yourself, but I think it's a process for everyone. It's my hope that at 28 I'll get there, and I'll be comfortable enough with these discoveries to actively change the parts I'm not happy with. 

Despite everything, I'm feeling more optimistic about 28 than I did about 27, or 26, 25, and so on. It's full of promise, and I'm SO looking forward to becoming an even better me in my 28th year. 

In year 28, I'm excited to see even more professional growth. I'm excited to grow my business, grow my staff, and grow my skill set to be an even better CEO with a wealth of knowledge. You should never feel like you know enough to hang up your status as a student, and whether through experience, mentorship, or courses, I have so much to learn in order to perfect my craft.

I'm also looking forward to growing in my relationship. I've learned that love is so much more than a word or a feeling. Love is a verb, an act, and one that you must perform daily. I'm committed to growing and learning as an individual so that Derrick and I may continue to grow together. Just like my personal life and my business, my relationship is ever-evolving. This year, I'm excited to see our love continue to bloom as a result of our individual growth. 

Finally, in 28, I want to slow down and take time for things I enjoy. As I bury myself in work, I feel an overwhelming amount of guilt whenever I indulge in hobbies. Like blogging, for instance, or writing in my One Line a Day book. I can't believe how long it's been since I've done both, but every time I try to sneak away to write, I think of all the other work-related things I could be writing, or what needs to be done for someone who's actually paying me. Even now, I've moved my office into my little brother's room so that I can work on my computer while binge-watching The Office on his TV. Balance is essential, and I can still enjoy life while fulfilling my obligations.

But really, there's no amount of money that can provide the sense of fulfillment I get after I've written a blog post, or updated my daily journal. So, I need to remember to take time for me--not just my business, my friends, and my boyfriend. This year, I want to get back to the core of who I am and invest time in on the regular. I know I can do it; shoot, my sanity depends on it! 

So here's to my 28th year. Where some friends cry the closer they get to 30, I feel hopeful and excited to be another year older, wiser, and further away from those dreadful early twenties years where I thought I knew it all. I never will, but at least I know a (whole) lot more. 

Getting older is a beautiful thing. 


  1. Yyyaaaayyy!! We've missed you! Glad to see a new blog for your birthday! Enjoy the growth and the ride! Love you!!!!

  2. So proud of your business and your growth!!

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