One Line a Day: The Perks of Keeping a Journal.

Looking back to the inception of my very first blog site, I vividly remember thinking two things: 1. How can I write my thoughts while using as many fonts and colors as possible (shout out to Comic Sans), and 2. This will be a fun way to capsule every insignificant life detail until I graduate. I knew that once I graduated and moved on with my life, I’d one day unlock the capsule and recall the events that all helped shape me into the person I was then. I thought it was a phase, my blogging, but I seamlessly transitioned from one blog to another in literally one day. I hadn’t shaken my fascination with this site, so I began what I called “A Big Apple a Day,” documenting my first 365 days in NYC. Every single day was a journey, whether it was a journey through the city or a journey to self-discovery, and I felt I needed to be hypersensitive to even the insignificant details of my new life.

I moved to New York in January 2011. On December 19th of that year, my friend Erika gifted me with the “One Line a Day” book. It’s a five-year memory book that allows you to document a few lines of thoughts every day for 5 years. It’s more brief than a blog post, but longer than literally one line, and the absolute best gift I’ve ever received.

"I wanted to give this book to someone I knew would use it and appreciate it,” Erika said as I opened my present.
Initially, though, I just accepted that I’d write every now and then. I didn’t think that 4 years and 3 months later, I’d be looking at a book that’s almost completely full. As of December 19, 2016, I’ll be done with this book, with no lines left empty.

I never EVER let people read pages in my journal, but here are a few "safe" entries. And no one can judge my messy handwriting but me. :-)

Documenting my life has not only been cathartic, but it’s fun! My favorite moments are when I go back and visit the months/weeks of dating someone new. The “Date night with [redacted] was wonderful once again…” entry to “Things with [redacted] ended today…” three months later are cringeworthy, but like I said, so fun(ny) to read. Especially when I read what falls between those February and May 2014 entries. Seeing how smitten, confused, and even dramatic I was during that time makes me shake my head at myself. 

Other fun moments? Seeing posts like the February 9, 2012 one: "I lost my job today…no, my job lost me. God has something great in store for me. I know it. Today my life begins.” And then seeing the post from February 9, 2013, where I gushed about the excitement/exhaustion I felt after running the first ever National Girl Scout Cookie Day at my dream job. Life is funny, isn’t it? 

Then of course, I have the excessive one liners about not being happy about my weight, entries confessing struggling with confidence, job stress, etc. And it’s especially fun going back and watching things with my boyfriend unfold…from asking my friends about him, going on our first date, getting to know each other, our first “I love you”, our first trip together, everything. It’s all there. And sure, I have those types of entries for every guy I’ve dated (even casually) from 2011 to now, but our love story is my favorite, and I’m glad I have all our moments (big and small) documented. 

Some not-so-good moments are the days when I mention a personal struggle, only to look up and see that on the exact day the year before, I was struggling with it. The book forces you to look at your former self and do a progress check. Nothing more embarrassing than knowing I simply wrote about a character flaw without working to change it. 

Deja vu? I've definitely felt like this recently.

All in all, documenting your life is not only enjoyable, but necessary. I often hear a quote saying that those who ignore history often repeat it (or something like that). My personal development is so important to me, as are the experiences I’ve endured. Career growth, new beginnings, fights, a ha! moments, painful admissions, all brought me to this day, to this very moment on 3.14.16 (Pi Day!). I want to remember the bad so I don’t have to repeat it, I want to remember the painful because it humbles me, and I want to remember the good so I remain eternally grateful for my blessings. 

I also want to remember the day I lost 3 pounds and celebrated by gaining it all back. (December 12, 2012).


  1. What a great book! I love the post. Hugs, Kait

  2. That's great that you kept a journal! There are so many memories to remember!


  3. You are looking so beautiful, love your style!

  4. Props to being consistant with this! I always try keeping a journal but then forget to write in it. I like the idea of writing down just a few things each day. Maybe I'll start!



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