OK, I'll Do V-Day.

If there were an award for the biggest backtracker, that'd without a doubt go to me. This is the second Valentine's Day I've spent with Derrick, and also the second Valentine's Day where when asked, I swore I didn't want to do anything to celebrate the cliché holiday. But if you ask what we actually did on the "cliché holiday," I can ramble off a few things, and a few amazing memories made both years. Truth is, I hadn't celebrated this lover's holiday in so long that I was convinced I could survive without it. I'd had enough girls' nights and pitiful Single Awareness Day dinners that chocolates and roses and gifts and fancy dinners seemed trivial. But then I fell in love with my sweet guy.

Last year Derrick got around my whole "I don't want to celebrate V-day" charade by planning weekend of events the week before. He surprised me with a staycation at a beautiful boutique hotel and tickets to see The Lion King on Broadway (my dream!!!). This year I said the same thing, but here I am with a Valentine's Day post. Maybe I should just stop fighting it and admit that I'm kinda sorta enjoying giving into this cliché, consumer holiday.

Waking up at 7:30a to heavy snow, we almost kicked off Valentine's weekend in bed drowning in our heated blanket, but we pulled it together to make it to our 8:45a hot yoga class at Yoga Heights. Our first time doing yoga together, I was equally impressed and slightly embarrassed at how much better Derrick is than me. The balancing act, the flexibility...give me a few more classes and I'll be his equal. 

Next up was brunch at The Coupe, one of our favorite brunch spots in the city, and later that evening manicures at the amazing Fyubi salon in DC. I seriously can't stop gushing about this spot. Everything from Flami, the owner, to the service was impeccable. I mean, she sent her receptionist out to get Hennessy for Derrick while I sipped sparking wine during my mani. Like, who does that?! Not quite ready to leave, we decided to take advantage of the fact that we had the salon to ourselves and got pedicures. I couldn't resist; Derrick had NEVER had one and didn't know what he was missing. I, on the other hand, have gone on a pedicure world tour with my mom, leaving no (hot) stone unturned. Seeing his face light up as his cute little toes hit the water and watching him sink into the chair as she massaged his feet was worth every single penny spent. 

Flami even gave me a robe since my jeans didn't roll high enough! 5 stars from me. 

This weekend was certainly a weekend of firsts. Yoga, mani-pedis, and then...

I distinctly remember sitting on FaceTime, gazing off into some hole of the internet, and getting a bright idea. "We should go to see some ballet or hear opera or see a play or something." I'm pretty sure I quickly changed the subject, moving onto the next bright idea I had. But it wasn't lost on Derrick, and after yesterday's dinner a "walk to CVS" turned into a walk into The Studio for the award-winning "Between Riverside and Crazy" production. I don't know how D manages to get surprises by me. No one can surprise me! But there we were, sitting there watching the incomparable Frankie R. Faison take the stage along with an incredible cast. The set, the writing, the story...I was beyond impressed at how the otherwise little-known actors captivated the audience and forced us into uncomfortable conversations, shocking scenes, passionate discourse and plot twists that made us question our affinity for certain characters. 

I kinda like that we shared the burden of making Valentine's Day memorable. Yoga and mani-pedi's was my idea, and dinner and the play was his. I can do without gifts...experiences are more important, and if we can keep knocking out "firsts" like this, then this "cliché consumer holiday" just might be alright with me.

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  1. Amazing post! Awesome pictures, Babe. Love your blog!!!! Have a great day!
    Much love, Len


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