Post-Midnight Musings.

Can you see the frustration/confusion in my eyes? Probably not.

So it's 3:16am and I'm awake...for the 3rd night this week. And I'm not just "dozing off then waking up" awake. No, I'm like "1pm, where do you want to meet for lunch, wanna catch a drink after work?" awake. And like I said, this is a trend with me. For some reason my body feels the time change and it doesn't mean to her what it means to the rest of the world. I really think my body sees these wee hours in the morning as "me" time, time I get to finally sit and do nothing with no one.

I had plenty of that back in New York, which I sometimes miss. Most of my time during the weekdays was "me" time, which I cherished like I'd hand carved it out of the chaos of the bustling city myself.  I turned down after work events and shows so that I could race home after the gym, put on whatever artist I was binging on that week, and stand in the shower until the steam became unbearable. Then I'd curl up on the couch watching reality TV while snacking on some fake healthy dish I'd whipped up out of whatever Michelle and I had left in the fridge. At 11pm, I'd bury myself in the covers and watch Friends til it watched me. Because of Michelle's crazy work schedule, I almost never saw her during the week, which forced me to replace our Monday night cooking traditions with my new "me" time. And while I missed her, I loved it.

I don't have that anymore, really.

Since moving back to Richmond, I'm surrounded by people with unconventional schedules. With both parents retired and a brother in school, more often than not we're all home, and what used to be my tiny NYC apartment stuffed full of my most prized possessions is now my bigger room in Richmond full of the crap my mom and brother leave behind after our reality TV and Friends watch parties. (In fact, I just threw away someone's empty pill bottle that was left on MY nightstand.) Where in NYC I'd never hear a single person call me by name after 5pm, collaborating with my mom on this new business venture means spontaneous meetings in the kitchen and living room brainstorming sessions anywhere between 8am and 2am. And while I love the work we're doing and I love my family....

There's no more "me" time...Well, until 3:42am, apparently.

So what do I do with this "me" time that my body so desperately wants?

Apparently I use it to conduct random Google searches, my last two being "is Splenda sugar" and "the dangers of giving a bunny a bath".

I also decided to finally try to understand how Reddit works. I'm kinda surprised at how primitive and no frills it is despite the fact that every discussion ever written online probably originated there.

Lastly, I decided to play with the settings on my camera, not that I really understand any of the advance functions anyway.

In true Janna fashion, though, what I DIDN'T do was something productive, like packing for my upcoming trip or finish hot gluing random bows and bells to my ugly Christmas sweater.

Nope, I rolled over and decided to write. But, I mean...I guess this is productive, too?

Well, it's 3:54am, and the plus side to all of this is that when I wake I'll be so exhausted that it'll take only the best of dirty chai lattes to wake me up. Lucky for me, my mom and I discovered yet another coffee shop yesterday, and their dirty chai exceeds my expectations. So, I guess all's well that ends well.**

**"The end" being that I ever actually make it to sleep.


  1. I do seem to stay awake at odd hours myself, but only for so long. Greetings!

  2. Whenever I'm home I always end up staying up late. Even when I say "today I'm going to be by midnight" I I'll then look at the clock and see that it's almost 4. Where does the time go?


  3. Omgosh I could spend hours staying up and doing random things heheh. I thought Reddit was confusing too but it's actually not bad!



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