Our First Christmas Tree.

It's beginning to look (and feel!) a lot like Christmas! 

I can't remember the last time I've felt the Christmas spirit as much as I do this year. I don't know what it is--maybe it's the fact that I'm home for the holiday season as opposed to a couple days before and after Christmas. Or maybe it's knowing that I have a record amount of holiday parties to attend this year. Whatever it is, I love that my heart is filled with joy and my eyes become filled with tears every time I hear Michael Buble's magical rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." 

What made this holiday season extra special, though, is that it's Derrick and I's second Christmas together but the first year that we're joining forces to decorate his house. (By "joining forces" I mean "I do all the decorating and DJ the Christmas tunes while he snaps pictures and refills the eggnog"). This master plan all came to be about a month ago.

"You know, as long as I've lived in my house, I've never ever decorated it for Christmas? I want us to decorate this year." 

Derrick caught me by surprise with this one. I wasn't really sure what prompted that conversation; we were weeks away from Thanksgiving and only saw a few eager beavers who hung lights once November hit. Whatever caused it, I was excited to go tree shopping and round up all the little trinkets that would bring holiday cheer to Bloomingdale. 

Picking the tree...is this the one?

Yes, yes it is! :-D

Our baby's first haircut. 

Seeing as though this was the first tree I'd be decorating myself and the first tree Derrick's ever had in his house, we decided to ease into it and get a smaller tree, just a little taller than 5 feet. Now that he's up and decorated, we're thinking of mounting him to add just a couple of feet to his height.

I'm loving this season most because we're able to create new traditions that we'll hold for years to come. Traditions like making our ugly Christmas sweaters and putting the first ornament on the tree together make me believe in the magic of Christmas again. Many people say that the excitement of Christmas doesn't return until you have children, but I must say, seeing Derrick's face light up whenever I plug up the lights on the fireplace garland makes me happy that my holiday cheer is spreading and we can enjoy this holiday together.

(I also made this wreath...super proud of it! :-D)


  1. BEAUTIFUL story and new traditions! I love the lights and garland!! Next stop, hanging stockings!!

    P.S. I need a stocking filled with Chick Fil A :)

  2. This is so perfect! You two are the cutest.


  3. Love hearing about your new traditions! This is truly the best time of the year and how cute is that tree?!

    Happy Thursday // http://lifeplusbe.com/

  4. What a great and fun tradition you two started! Have a happy holidays!


  5. Aww, I think it's great that the both of you decorated the house together. It must'e been lots of fun!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  6. GORGEOUS tree and wreath! It looks like yall had a great time decorating! My boyfriend and I got our first tree together this year too, and it was a ton of fun to decorate!
    An Unblurred Lady

  7. What a lovely tree! I know for me, I always dread putting up the Christmas decorations, but once they're up they make so happy and it makes such a cozy environment for the holidays. Hope you and Derrick have a great Christmas!

    xoxo Nicole


  8. Sounds like such a fun day with your boyfriend! The tree turned out so pretty! Merry Christmas Janna!

  9. I think it's sweet that Derrick wanted to decorate and it looks great.
    Merry Christmas


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