Baton Rouge Getaway Part 3: Faves from the Bayou

Okay so this isn't the best picture quality (I wasn't able to bring my camera into the Superdome), but we were literally on the field! Not only was it my first time in the Superdome and my first time at the Battle of the Bands, but Derrick surprised me with the most amazing seats in the house, on the field directly in front of the Southern University's Human Jukebox. It makes the most sense, though; he'd been gushing about his alma mater's band since I met him, and it was his dream to have me hear them up close. And yes, we were as blown away by the amazing rendition of Adele's "Hello" as the rest of the world. :)

They were unreal.

After the show, while the rest of the fans filed out of the stadium, Derrick, his friends, and I played around on the field, running fake plays into the end zone. I felt like a kid at Disney World. Yes, it was that magical. Like the old souls we are, Derrick and I had our fun on the field but ditched the after parties for drinks in the hotel lobby and spent our evening with his college buddy, his wife, and their three kids. Strange enough, I didn't have a bit of FOMO

The next morning, Derrick and I went to Katie's, a restaurant off the beaten path, far away from the hustle and bustle and long lines that tourists brought to Bourbon Street. Excellent choice, this place was. Aside from little bits of history (I was blown away by the Katrina water line placard near the front door), the food was absolutely delicious. Still on my high from the beignets from the previous night, Derrick and I tried a delicious seafood beignet and I enjoyed a crab cake and fried shrimp po'boy that made up for the terrible ones we got from Johnny's Po'Boys on our last visit. (Johnny's is closed now. And rightfully so.) We finished our lunch just in time to pregame for the Bayou Classic. 

Katrina water line came above my head!

Mandatory margaritas

Yum yum yum!

Southern lost, but the game was still a win for me!

Me, Marissa, and Margeaux after the game. These girls helped keep me going all day!

Our return to Baton Rouge for our last two days were absolutely perfect, as we were surrounded by food and family for the remainder of our trip.  Derrick's aunts hosted an incredible Sunday dinner. We ate, drank daiquiris, and danced to oldies. We watched the Soul Train Awards. We ate, again and again. I finally got my boudin balls, and on the last night, Derrick's uncle surprised me with his catfish and crawfish etouffee.

Boudin balls :-P

I waited the whole trip for this!

Dreading a 4am wake-up call for our flight home, Derrick and I exchanged trip peaks, packed our bags, and prepared to return back to reality. Less than a week after our return, I'm already planning our trip back to the bayou. 


  1. This looks amazing! I love Louisiana - the food is amazing and people are so friendly!



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