Baton Rouge Getaway Part 2: From Vienna to New Orleans

Road trip under our belts and a delicious breakfast in our bellies, Derrick and I got dressed to head over for Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of his family. I wasn’t really sure of what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that his 6 aunts reminded me a lot of my mom and her sisters. And just like with my aunts, I sat for hours and listened to hilarious stories of life with a strict father as they grew up as young women in the south. When I finally stepped away to call home, my parents were pleasantly surprised to learn that while I missed them dearly, I was getting little touches of home down in Louisiana. 

After spending Thanksgiving evening at another cousin’s house making up for the cocktails we didn’t have during Thanksgiving dinner, Derrick and I headed home, rested up, and woke up early enough to stop at the daiquiri shop before hopping on the road to New Orleans. 

The days that followed can be summed up in three words: booze, bands, and binge-eating (okay that’s four, but who’s counting?)

This is where it gets exciting. Remember Kathy from Austria? She was our bright eyed, wide smiling, saxophone-playing host in Vienna who showed us the most magical two days of our backpacking trip across Europe. Well, before we left Vienna, Kathy told me she’d be backpacking across the US for two months. Me being the “terrible at goodbyes” kinda girl that I am, I said, “maybe we can reconnect when you come! I’ll be in New Orleans at the end of November.” I knew it probably wouldn’t happen, but I figured I throw that out there to make the tough goodbye feel more like a “see you later.” But a few weeks before my road trip, I got an email from Kathy with her flight info, and a text a few days later that read: “Hey Janna. I’m already in New Orleans. The weather is pretty nice here. So the people are :). Let me know when you’re coming here so we can meet! I’m here til 5th December. Hope you’re doing well. Greets, Kathy."

It was official.

As soon as we got to New Orleans, Derrick and I checked into the hotel and headed down to Bourbon St. to meet with Kathy and grab lunch. Waiting on her to arrive, Derrick and I stopped in a dive bar where I danced until I broke a sweat and he looked on, amused at my inventive dance moves. It was perfect, and I grew more and more anxious to finally see Kathy come through the door. “When I see you, I’m going to give you a big hug,” she texted me as she made her way to us. 

I don’t think I’ve ever squeezed anyone harder. 

I was equally shocked and disappointed that after two weeks in N.O she’d yet to have Louisiana cuisine, so I asked for her permission to order for her at Oceana restaurant. I ordered the gumbo for her, and the crawfish etoufee for me and Derrick. We all shared our dishes, and she loved it all. Mission accomplished! She and Derrick became well acquainted, and we talked about life here vs. Austria and discussed the most distinct differences (she said she’s still shocked by the amount of gun violence we have here). 

Derrick decided to ditch us and go rest up for the Battle of the Bands while Kathy and I made our way to a daiquiri shop for her first daiquiri and Cafe DuMonde for my first beignet. Yes, it was magical. Warm, sugary, the perfect amount of dough…if Jesus had a pastry shop, it’d be Cafe DuMonde. We sat on the steps across from the Cathedral and people watched while enjoying these incredible sweet treats. “Sometimes I get lonely here. I feel like my saxophone is my only friend sometimes.” As time ticked on, I knew there was another tough goodbye in our future. 

After 20 more minutes, Kathy and I finally parted ways. i headed to the Superdome for the Battle of the Bands, and she headed to Frenchman St., where she'd play her saxophone on the corner for the next few hours.


  1. Girl wasn't that beignet everything you've been missing in your life! Gosh man, this trip was the best one yet.


  2. Gosh, this looks like the best trip. That daiquiri shop is making me thirsty!!

    Happy Friday //


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