Baton Rouge Getaway Part 1: Road Trippin' is for Lovers

It's quite strange, but something about long distance relationships always intrigued me more than the convenience of dating locally. Maybe it's the idea of being able to date in two cities, or knowing that no matter what, I'll always have a reason to travel, whether it's to their city or to a random town somewhere halfway between mine and theirs. I lucked out with Derrick; not only does he live in DC, but once we started dating I knew I'd be adding another city to my frequent flying list: his hometown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I'd been once before, but this time was special. For the first time ever, I was ditching my family in Richmond and spending Thanksgiving with another family. Jitters aside, I knew beautiful Baton Rouge would be an absolute blast and yet another milestone for Derrick and I's relationship. Plus, Louisiana cuisine is my favorite, it was the weekend of the Bayou Classic, and I'd get to see my new friend Kathy! More on Kathy later. But it helped ease my homesickness to know that during my trip to the bayou I'd finally get to hear the Human Jukebox in person. So, we loaded up our rental car, stopped for our usual dirty chai lattes and began what would turn out to be a 20-hour road trip of a lifetime.

No GPS needed, our first stop (besides Chick Fil-A) was just outside of Charlotte, NC to see the love of my life, partner in crime, and former coworker Melissa. We'd spent almost 3 years in New York working together on the same team at Girl Scouts, sitting side by side in the office and having weekly girls' nights. But we went from that to nothing after both ditching New York for more carefree lives in our hometowns. Naturally, I had to stop to see this woman. We spent an hour touring her new job, reminiscing on old times, and laughing...a lot. I even brought her a Strawberita in celebration of our reunion. I'm sure the good folks back in NYC could hear her squeal.

As we said the tough goodbye, Derrick graciously agreed to take 300 photos of us (like he really had a choice) and Mel and I decided to Snapchat a few selfies in case all 300 pics were a fail. To ease my sadness, Derrick and I made our way to Zaxby's for some of that delicious chicken we both love before hitting the road again.

After pockets of traffic, crossing a couple of state lines, sipping on Limearitas from the passenger's seat and jamming to Christina Aguilera's Stripped album, the sun set on our road trip and I finally got behind the wheel and got us through Atlanta. Still bummed that there were No Real Housewives in sight. As time crept by, we decided to spend the wee hours of the morning taking turns in the driver's seat, desperate to stay awake. To my surprise, a sketchy breakfast burrito from an even sketchier gas station in Alabama did the trick, and we stayed awake long enough to get us to the Promised Land. At 5:30am, "Red Baton" became a filter on my Snapchat, and I rejoiced (read: cried tears of joy) that we'd made it 20 hours in a car with no accidents, incidents, or arguments (Derrick joked that we'd be ripping each other's heads off by hour 9. I reminded him at hour 10 that his head was still intact.).

But yes, we made it, and I so desperately wanted to face plant in the nearest bed. But in true Louisiana fashion his uncle opened the door for us and immediately opened the fridge for a beer. I had a cup of daquiri before crashing. (Okay, so having a daquiri at 5:30am may or may not be an all-time low...Or high, depending on who's judging).

Despite my lack of sleep, I was wide awake by 10:30am and poured myself another daquiri (when in Rome...?) while his uncle cooked a breakfast of champions. By 11:30, I was both full and tipsy, and we immediately agreed that this trip would be one for the books.

And it was.

Part 2's up next!


  1. Can't wait for part two! I went to Baton Rouge for a Gator Game this year and didn't get to explore at all! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Sounds like fun, fun, fun!! I can't wait for Part 2!!!

    P.S. I miss Chik Fil A...and want a spicy chicken deluxe sandwich now :)

  3. ahhh so fun!! I live in Charlotte, so crazy that you stopped right outside there! Cannot wait to hear part two

    Megan /

  4. OMG, the best part of the trip! I loved seeing you, can you come back now?!



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