Friendsgiving 2015.

Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to get a good grasp on this "friendship" thing. I'll admit that in high school, college, and even a couple times post-college I experienced the ups and downs that come from befriending the wrong people, not being the best friend, and not taking the time to be fully present in my friendships. But no matter what stage in life I'm in, there are always good women and a few good men who have left an imprint on my heart, making friendship effortless and teaching me the importance of fostering good relationships. With these people, it's never about location or the time we spend apart; when we're reunited, it's like we never miss a beat. 

There are times when I do long to have all my favorite girls in the same city, only a short drive away. But nothing makes me happier than knowing my closest friendships have not only stood the test of time, but the test of distance. Whether in LA, DC, NYC, Charlotte, or RVA, I'm so lucky to get to travel the country and meet a loved one at the other end.

This weekend it was Friendsgiving 2015 with some of my favorite ladies from JMU, right here in Richmond. Most of the ladies I hadn't seen in almost a year (if not longer), but when we got together we laughed 'til we cried, joked with each other, took turns holding our friend's newborn baby girl, and of course, pigged out on traditional Thanksgiving dishes. From Ciera's famous spinach artichoke dip to Jalisa's lemon cake, and Katia's green beans to Mynik's meatballs, we all took deep breaths as we made our way back for seconds (or thirds).

After dinner, we played Taboo, Heads Up!, and Kings, Snapchatting it all instead of remembering to take actual photos (whoops!).

I couldn't have asked for a better pre-Thanksgiving celebration and my first Friendsgiving since my tradition of hosting one in NYC. And I couldn't have asked for a better group of women to start this new tradition with.

How cute are these? Pretzels, Rolos, and Pecans

Jalisa's Lemon Cake

(Not pictured is the delicious peach cobbler I whipped up, which I'm super proud of although somehow it got a bit runny.)

Mynik's Chicken, Yams, and Meatballs

Best Spinach Artichoke Dip Everrrr.

Katia's Green Beans

Ciera's yummy, yummy, creamy mac and cheese

Katia loves photos. Dennia does not.

All better!

Our beautiful host, always nice and photogenic -_-

My dear Mariel and Me

Me and my nugget Ciera

Jalisa and Katia

Jalisa and I

Who else is enjoying Friendsgiving this year?


  1. Oh my gosh everything looks amazing and games are the best way to end a friendsgiving!

    Have a wonderful day love //

  2. ahhhh we did friendsgiving too! it's such a nice tradition, especially for people without much family in town. hope yours was incredible, the food looks so yum!


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