Our Cancun Hideaway.

Both big vacationers, Derrick and I were itching to finally have our first getaway together. We'd traveled to Baton Rouge back in April when I met his amazing family for the first time, but that was hardly the tropical getaway we desperately wanted coming off of a brutal winter in both New York and DC. As summer approached, we tossed around many destinations, but were in agreement that Mexico would be the perfect getaway to celebrate our birthdays, which fall a little more than a week apart. I'd done Cabo San Lucas before and was not totally against revisiting (that trip was my high school graduation present, so I wasn't even old enough to drink...blah). Derrick, on the other hand, was in love with Cancun. To settle the score, we looked into a beautiful resort a fellow blogger visited in Puerto Vallarta. Due to conflicting schedules and the popularity of it, Puerto Vallarta was no longer an option (we were so sold on that resort that anything else would be a downgrade). So, we decided on Cancun. What sold us? The beautiful Hideaway at the Royalton Riviera.  

Open only since December, we didn't quite know what to expect from the Royalton Riviera. All we knew was that the Hideaway section was Adults Only, so although we had access to the entire resort, no children were allowed in our pools, our restaurants, or in any of the rooms. Seriously the only way to vacay. To our delight, though, our shuttle driver sang its praises as he drove us from the airport to the resort, and it wasn't long before we were walking through the glass doors with our mouths agape. 

From check-in to check-out, our experience was nothing short of perfection. Our room was spacious with a stocked mini bar, hot tub and double rainfall shower heads. The resort itself offered 16 bars, 7 gourmet restaurants (Asian, complete with Hibachi, a steakhouse, Mediterranean, Italian, Tex Mex, Mexican, and Seafood), and a buffet with a plethora of made to order breakfast, lunch and dinner options. I left completely obsessed with the caramel crepes stuffed with bananas and pineapples, and scrambled eggs with chorizo (Derrick's idea...one of the best ideas of our trip.). 

The majority of our time was spent poolside, soaking in the Mexican sun and downing Cadillac Margaritas (our favorite) back to back. We must have had at least 10 a day. In fact, by the last day of our trip, I had such a bad case of acid reflux that I couldn't eat, drink, or even party it up in the resort's nightclub one last time. We left dinner early, purchased Tums, and were laid up in bed by 9:30. (I'm totally addicted to Tums now, btw. Who told them to make them taste so good?!) 

Now that we're home and settled, I'm missing it more than ever. I'm missing the opportunity to exercise my Spanish, which I'm near fluent in but haven't used in years. I'm missing rolling over at 6:30am to see Derrick bright eyed and bushy tailed and yelling at him to go back to sleep. Yes, I miss that, even though I only got another 30 minutes of sleep before he dragged me out of bed and forced me to eat breakfast. I'm missing wearing my bikinis every day, racing Derrick in the pool with onlookers determining the winner, and laying poolside, our only concerns being "do I need to tan my back a little more?", "what are we gonna drink next?" and "which bar haven't we tried out yet?". Most of all, I'm missing spending almost a week in paradise with the man that I love. 

So, it's back to reality, but as I look back on the photos I took, I feel like I'm in paradise all over again.


The Beautiful Hideaway at the Royalton Riviera

First meal at the resort...I may have overdone it a bit.


First Day Poolside

Believe it or not, I was so into my food (after too many margaritas), that I didn't realize Derrick snapping photos

Janna and Food: A Love Story

Us...Excuse my food baby!

Curry and pulled pork spring rolls. Delish!

Derrick's BBQ Chicken Stir Fry

Wonderful surprise when we returned from dinner!

I kept these in tact the remainder of the trip.

Wake and Bake: The Sequel

My Handsome Man

The beginning of our last full day in Paradise

My muse

After countless margaritas and mild acid reflux, this was all I could handle on our last day!

Zen was without a doubt our favorite restaurant!



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