Work It Out Wednesday: Look Great, Feel Better.

Since before I can remember, my gym get-up has been my old faithful workout pants with my favorite college t-shirts. Some had holes in the armpits, sweat stains, or faded colors, but it never mattered--I'm just sweating in them, right? Over the past year, though, I've been investing more into my fitness journey as a whole. It started with the gym; I upgraded from my $20 a month gym with limited equipment to one that's a bit more expensive but offers more amenities, equipment, space, and classes. 

Immediately, I saw the return on this investment. Next, it was time to retire the college tees, worn down sneakers and toss the pants that were tearing at the seams. Sure, they were old faithfuls, the garb that rode with me during my 30-pound weight loss, but the reality is that I feel my sexiest after a hard workout, and so I should dress the part, too!

Thanks to Derrick, who is not only a workout buff but an honorary Lululemon brand ambassador, I've been introduced to this brand that I've grown to adore. The prints are creative, the fabric is durable, and their products are stylish enough to be worn in the gym, to and from your gym, or even out and about while running errands. 

Even though it's one of my new favorites, Lululemon isn't the only brand that has killed it in the athletic wear deparment. I've put together some looks from a few of my favorite brands. Enjoy!

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