Work It Out Wednesday: Hiking in Runyon Canyon Park

Looking for motivation to stay active? Switch up your routine! Seriously, the best way to prevent boredom with your workouts is to try new exercises, new settings, and even new times of day. 

If you're used to breaking sweats in the gym, take it outside for a run in the neighborhood. If after-work runs are wearing you down, opt for a sunrise run (it's beautiful!) Growing tired of the neighborhood? Make your way over to your nearest park and enjoy a workout surrounded by nature. And if you really want to really challenge yourself? Take a Crossfit class. This week while visiting my best friend in Los Angeles, I decided to take my own workout up a notch--at Runyon Canyon Park.

Los Angeles is already so mountainous and flat out GORGEOUS, so upon learning that with hiking Runyon comes some of the best of the best views of the city, I had to put it on my bucket list. I also knew that even on a hot summer day with the sun blazing, that type of beautiful distraction would make our trek uphill not daunting at all. And that's something that has always helped me along my fitness journey: if I can just prevent boredom, I can stay active. 

Since I knew I wanted to take pictures, I wasn't able to run up and downhill the way I wanted (God forbid I break my precious camera!), so Tiona, Cali, and I managed to maintain a brisk walk up and down steps, hills, and mountainsides. I secretly envied those jogging past us, covered in sweat, breathing hard, and stopping for water breaks; I so needed a good workout after all of my bad eating and drinking out in LA! Even still, we picked a route and made our way through the canyon, and by the end of it, all three of us were good and sweaty.

On my next visit (yes, I'm already itching to get back), Runyon will still be on my bucket list, only I plan to get some excellent cardio in on top of the insane leg workout you get from hiking. I'll be one of those drenched-in-sweat, checking my pulse, stopping for water in the hot sun folks who (at least look like) they do the canyon on a regular basis. Until then, I'll be back on the east coast, cranking the incline on the treadmill up to 15.0 and power walking uphill; sure, I don't get the incredible views of Downtown LA, the houses on the hills, and the Hollywood sign, but at least it's a start. 

If you close your left eye and look reeeeeal close, you can see the Hollywood sign!

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  1. This looks like such a fun hike. I love hiking, such a great way to connect with God and nature! Great job.


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