Work It Out Wednesday: No Days Off

Okay, obviously we all deserve a few days off, but my sore quads are proof that taking too many days off only does more harm than good. Claiming to be too busy for the gym, I went nearly two weeks without stepping foot in a Crunch Fitness, so naturally, I feared for my life as I walked into Crossfit Petworth with Derrick this past Friday.

"Put me to work," I said, "It's been so long since I've worked out so I really need a good sweat!"

Silly me.

I sat in disbelief as he began to write on the white board, gracious enough to let me pick my poison.

"Burpees or back squats? Let me see your push ups. Go over here and push the sled; I want to see your technique."

After a brief warm up, I looked at the board and knew this workout would be an interesting one (read: disaster).

300 single jump rope skips
100 wall balls
75 sit ups
50 burpees
Every 3 minutes- sled push (with 45 pound weight)

I took a deep breath and got to work, immediately feeling the consequences of being MIA from my gym for so long. The jump rope portion was a piece of cake, but the sled push slowed me down. Then came the wall balls. I made it my goal to knock out 12 at a time, but 3 minutes came quicker than expected, and every time I gained enough energy to get a good rhythm going I felt like it was time to push the sled again. Finally, I turned to Derrick, who was recording my workout/critiquing my every move.

"There's no way I'm gonna get to those burpees. Can't do it."

After the next sled push, I walked over to the wall ball station, short of breath while I felt my thigh muscles tightening.

"Do you want to scale them? We can stop at 50 wall balls," Derrick negotiated.

"No, I can do it. I'll do 100."

After 10 more wall balls, I stopped. "Okay, 60 is fine. I'll stop at 60."

I desperately tried to knock out 75 sit ups in 3 minutes, but that damn was already time to push the sled again. I got a burst of energy knowing it was most likely my last time pushing it, so I finished up my sit-ups in what I consider record time. I laid on the floor motionless.

"22:49." Derrick called out. I didn't know if it was impressive or pitiful (considering I altered the workout a great deal, I'll say pitiful.).

Each day after Friday, my muscles have ached, tightened, slowed me down greatly, and have all around driven me crazy. I know it's because I put my health on the back burner as I lived my life. Since then, I've made a promise to myself that even if it's 100 crunches before bed, a wall sit in 30-second increments, or a jog around the block, I'll do something that keeps me active. Our muscles are there for a reason...we can't neglect them!


  1. Baby you did awesome!! Don't underestimate your efforts. There's an amazing athlete in that body... I just know it!!😘

  2. Great effort indeed, you put in a lot of work. Keep it up and best wishes!


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