The Best Picnic Everr.

Few things make me happier than being surrounded by people who are all unified by one common goal: meeting and uplifting each each other, all while having fun.

That's exactly what happened at Melissa and Janae's 2nd ever "The Best Picnic Everr," an event that's all about uniting women (and men!) with things in common, be it race, hobbies (blogging), or mutual friends. I missed the first picnic, but made a point to be in town for this one. I knew that there'd be so many women who I needed to connect with, and whose energy I needed, especially at this point in my life.

We danced, took photos, played card games, hula hooped, and discussed our lives in New York, and I left Washington Square Park feeling full of love for my friends and the women with whom I shared this experience. Too often we're pit against each other, in constant competition, so you can imagine how refreshing it was to meet beautiful women and forge friendships that will without a doubt extend beyond our few hours in the West Village.

If you're in the New York City area, you should definitely catch the next one! Follow @MelissaChanel and @janae_raquel on Instagram for details.

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