DevaCurl's SuperCream is Here!

Anyone who knows even a little about my natural hair journey can tell you that I'm a recovering product junkie. I've spent hundreds of dollars at Target, WalMart, Ricky's, and even my local beauty supply stores filling baskets of products and heading home with my fingers crossed. Some things worked, some things failed miserably, and some I forgot to even open, discovering them months later with the protective seal in tact. It wasn't until June of 2014, two years after becoming an official curly girl, that I splurged on my very first DevaCut...and I have never looked back.

Last month, I had the amazing opportunity to attend an exclusive DevaCurl event as my friend Melissa's guest, and I can honestly say it was the best day ever! We've been sworn to secrecy, but now that SuperCream is finally here, I can share incredible event with you all!

After work, Melissa and I jetted over to the Devachan salon and were greeted by a few fellow curly girls who were thrilled to reveal their new product. SuperCream, it's called, is their traditional Styling Cream (a staple product for me) on steroids (their words, not mine, though I totally agree). After snapping a few photos, we made our way around the salon checking out the other fros, both big and small, as they were manipulated to perfection on both wet and dry hair. We had the option to have our hair washed by the professionals or style our hair dry, and if you know me but at all, you know I'm always down to have my hair rubbed. Mel and I laid on their comfy chairs and let the stylists go to work.

After the wash, we were responsible for styling our own hair the way we'd usually wear it, proving that this new product isn't just one for the professionals--it's a perfect match for the everyday girl who likes to tame their mane their way.

My Review

SuperCream is phenomenal. It's infused with coconut oil so it adds an extra layer of moisture, and the cream left my curls bouncy and soft while still providing a hold that allowed for great second day hair. Would I buy it now that it's on the market? HECK YES!

Another highlight for me was being surrounded by girls who had different styles, colors, textures, and lengths of curly hair, and were all beautiful and confident. So often, women can feel insecure about their curls (at least I did), so it was refreshing and empowering to see the beauty in individuality. It felt like a curly girl sisterhood, full of laughs, styling tips, and networking, and was truly an experience I'll never forget.

Thanks, DevaCurl!


  1. What's your routine with this product? I'm a newbie. :-)

    1. Hey Whitney! I apply this on soaking wet hair over their One Condition conditioner. I leave the conditioner in after applying, wet my hair again, and rake this product through. It's easier for me to part down the middle and apply to the two sections separately, then shake my hair in the direction I want it to fall. After that, i apply a quarter size of their Light Defining Gel and scrunch it on my hair for a bit of curl, then apply oil over top of it, scrunching that in, too.

      Finally, diffuse and pick out to give it volume, and voila! :)


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