10 More Things That Make Me Happy

Life has gotten pretty crazy for me lately, and I've had an unshakeable feeling of being overwhelmed. Lots of changes are happening in my life, which I'll share with you guys very soon, but I'm noticing that I don't deal with change very well if I don't feel totally in control. Over the past few weeks, I've been experiencing lots of that feeling. So, in an effort to regain some type of control, I decided to  remember that despite life's natural ebbs and flows, things are still pretty great. I'm going through 10 (more) things that make Janna happy.

10 (More) Things that Make Janna So So Happy

1. The Thai Shrimp dumplings from Trader Joes (TJ's pickles are also pretty amazing.)
2. Friends (the TV show,  not my real ones)
3. Margaritas (Funny, tomorrow's actually National Tequila Day, and Michelle and I have already begun making plans to celebrate. TGIF!)
4. Going to the gym. (Though I'm rarely excited about it, I love the feeling of getting even a 15 minute run in.)
5. Shopping (My serious guilty pleasure. Last Thursday I saw shoes on Instagram, and the caption said that Aldo had them on sale for 50% off. I IMMEDIATELY went across the street to Aldo and purchased. *hides face in shame*)
6.  My little cousin Rylee. (I've known her since she was just a couple of weeks old, and now she's a full grown 6-year-old! Seeing her grow up before my eyes and watching her grow into her own is so much fun.)
7. Memes and funny videos (I have a whole folder in my phone dedicated to memes that I send to my friends.)
8. Turning the A/C on, leaving, and then coming back to a freezing cold room.
9. My morning conversations with Derrick. (It's like clockwork; I get off the train and call him as I walk to work, and we talk until I get to the elevator in my building. It's the best way to begin my day.)
10. Conversations with my mama. (My mom's my best friend; we literally talk about everything, every single day. I even text her funny Instagram links to memes and videos and she actually GETS it and finds it funny, too. How cool is she?)

Okay, so there it is. Typing these things out actually made me appreciate the little reasons I have to smile. If you're ever down, I suggest you make your own list...it's helpful!

Discovered this gem near my house, right off the train. (Score!)

We used to wash her in this sink! Now...not so much.

Duck faces with my Rylee. <3

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