Work it Out Wednesday: Curl Control.

Being a black girl who likes to work out is not that easy when it comes to maintaining my mane. Sure, being natural means I have no perm to sweat out during my trips to the gym, but it's not as simple as washing and going every night. No, natural hair (or at least my hair), requires washing, coating with products, styling or diffusing, and waiting even longer for it to dry. Who wants to do this multiple times a week? As a lazy natural, certainly not me.

My friend recently asked me how I maintain natural hair while committing to regular visits to the gym, and I realized that hair care is half the battle when trying to live a healthier lifestyle. For me, simple is best, so I plan my gym hairstyles around what I have planned for the week.

I usually try to deep condition on Sunday nights, so Monday is often a wash and go day. If I've used more of a holding product, I'll risk the stretching and put my curls up in a high ponytail. If my curls are on the softer side, I'll let them run wild. Nothing worse than overly stretched curls that have lost their shape! If your hair is longer, simply use bobby pins to secure the curls in the front while leaving the rest out.

When I'm way overdue for a wash or don't want to deal with the hassle of caring for my curls after a workout, I opt for two flat twists that I pull in a low bun. It's a perfect protective hairstyle that allows you to coat your hair in moisturizing products and oils and tuck your ends away. I've actually been rocking this all week, because it's sleek and stays put during workouts. After a day at the gym, I simply take it out, spray with water and oil, and retwist it if I plan to return to the gym the next day.

Before my workout...

After my workout! See? Still in place...
Lately, I've been rocking the twists regularly. (I don't know if it's because I'm lazy or just really enjoying my hair pulled back.) Your hair should ever feel like a burden or a hindrance, so for me, I pick the style that allows me to enjoy workouts without the feeling of dreading doing something to my hair. I'll save the high maintenance styles for rest days.

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