Work it Out Wednesday: Cardio is King.

In my quest to slim down a little, I decided that I need to lay off the strength workouts a bit and ramp up the cardio. Back squats, bench press, dumbbell rows, and squat thrusters are my usual go-to's, mixed with wall balls and push ups. But while I'm gaining all this muscle (which makes stepping on the scale a total mindf*ck--don't do it), it'd be nice to actually get rid of the fat that lays over it so I can see the fruits of my labor.

So, I kicked cardio up a notch. My friend Andy and I began running through Fort Greene Park. We started out with two miles and tackling the tough steps in the middle of the park. Then it was three miles. We agreed that with each run we'd push ourselves to add another mile.

Four rounds of running up three flights. After running two miles? Quite treacherous. 


When I got to DC this past weekend, Derrick and I ran the Mall (a little over 4 miles) on Saturday and biked almost 25 miles on Sunday. I was a beginner at biking, so it took me a while to get acclimated to riding, but once I did, it quickly became my new favorite cardio workout. My legs were on fire! I felt so accomplished riding through DC, into Virginia, through miles of trails, back through Georgetown and back home. 

Four miles on a piping hot day.
Quick pit stop!

What a stud muffin.

 I finished!! Feeling pretty badass in my new Lulu shirt, too.

 I gave my body a rest on Monday, but yesterday I went right back at it with the cardio. Since it was rainy, I opted for a dreadful (but so so effective) interval run on the treadmill, sprinting one minute and walking one minute, for a total of 20 minutes. This workout is so effective because the rapid change in your heart rate increases your body's ability to burn fat faster. When I was working on losing my 30 pounds from college, this is the workout I'd do almost every single day. I really have to push myself on this one; it's so easy to stop the treadmill at 9.0 when I know I can run faster than that if I just give it my all. This time, I did the bulk of my sprinting at a 10.0 and above and felt sweat beads dripping down my face by the 3rd sprint.

Today, I'm headed to Harlem to workout with Melissa. We're tackling the steps near her house...122 of them! Wish me luck!

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