Take it Slow.

One of the hardest things for me to do is slow down. I am the President of the FOMO organization. What's FOMO? Fear of missing out. I've suffered from this my whole life, feeling like I have to be everywhere at all times so as not to miss something important. And now at almost 27, I've realized that it's utterly exhausting to feel like where you aren't just might be more important, interesting, or exciting than where you are. It's crippling, and prevents you from living in the moment.

Today, I made the conscious effort to slow down, calm my nerves and enjoy the moment, MY moment. It means being fully into every conversation I'm having, not wondering what the people beside me are laughing about. It means enjoying my bike ride without mulling through ideas of the next activity I should get into. It means sometimes, not planning ahead. It also means enjoying my own company (even if I'm doing nothing) instead of always seeking to make plans. And while we're on the topic of making plans, I've decided to make none today. Instead, I'm enjoying my company at home. I laid in bed the entire morning, walked down the street for a cappuccino and eggs to make breakfast, moved to the couch for a Sex and the City marathon, talked on the phone with my best friend (I rarely talk on the phone) and went for a run through the neighborhood. Now, I'm back on the couch with no plans to do anything for the rest of the day. Maybe I'll watch Netflix. Or maybe I'll go for a stroll to find something for dinner. Who knows?

This is what it feels like to slow down. To not wish I were somewhere other than where I am. To appreciate solitude and accept that nice weather doesn't mean that I HAVE to fill my schedule.

To, for once, even if just for today, not have FOMO. Me likey.

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