Picky Eater.

As you may recall from my Girls' Night post, Melissa and I made a deal that would force each other to step outside the box. For me, it was getting a polish color that was totally outside my comfort zone. Where I'd usually get a pastel pink or a nice tan color (OPI's Did You Ear About Van Gogh? is my favorite), with Mel's choice, I ended up with a neon orange. So, it was time for Mel to hold up her end of the bargain, eating something COMPLETELY out of her comfort zone. She likes southern classics and seafood (specifically lobster rolls), but when it was time for me to choose what she ate, we headed straight for my favorite Indian restaurant, Milon Bangladesh in the Lower East Side.

(Yes I took a screenshot of her Snapchat. #creeper)

Since I know how "allergic" she is to everything, I opted for things that weren't too intense. I got the piazi to start, which are basically vegetable fritters. I'm known for experimenting with my food, so of course, I dressed them with any and every sauce they brought to the table upon our arrival. Because I was in the driver's seat, I put them on her fritters, too, and surprisingly, she didn't refuse to eat it! I've gotta admit, Mel was a very good sport while I got pleasure in torturing her. 

The only thing she refused to do the entire evening was look at the menu as I chose her meal. Again, I didn't want to pick things I knew for a fact she didn't eat, like eggplants or mushrooms, so I picked the Chana Saag which is chickpeas and spinach-based. My dish was similar, but included lentils and a wider variety of vegetables. Both were
equally delicious.

Mel's dish

My dish

Seeing as though Mel made it out alive, I'm excited for the opportunity to not only take her to more restaurants she wouldn't usually dine at, but to also spend more time in the Lower East Side. But of course...more restaurants for her mean more polish that's brighter than sun for me. Deal!

 Ah, L.E.S., I don't visit you enough. 

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