A Wedding to Remember.

Nothing glows quite like a woman in love.

I don't know exactly who said that, but I know it to be true. If I've never been a witness to true love before, I can say that I did this past weekend, as I watched one of my absolute best friends glow brighter than ever before as she became Mrs. Michael A. Jones.

Jimmette and I met in undergrad at James Madison University, and to say we clicked instantly is an understatement. We've seen each other at our highest and lowest points, held our deepest secrets close to our hearts, and even flunked a class together out of solidarity. She's become more than a friend; she's my sister, and I'm so happy to see her become a Mrs. to Michael, an incredible man who has devoted his life to loving God and now Jimmette. As I watch them in action, it's so evident that he's the man God tailor-made just for my Jimmy.

The girls and I, accompanied by our other halves, reunited for a weekend filled with laughter, reminiscing, recounting embarrassing stories, and lots and lots of sun (so necessary for a perfect wedding weekend). Not only did I enjoy becoming acquainted with new friends, but I got acquainted with a Richmond I'd never known before. Restaurants, parks, homes, wall art...being home this weekend allowed me to see a whole new side of the same city I grew up in, a side that I regret not appreciating sooner. By the time I headed back to New York City, I found myself telling Derrick, "I could totally see myself living here again!"

I took lots of photos of our pre-wedding brunch, the ceremony, and the reception, so I'll share a few of my favorites with you here.


Pre-wedding brunch...

Pretty much sums up our friendship! 

Whether at Max's on Broad for the pre-wedding brunch or The Roosevelt for the reception, everything we ate was delicious!
We had a bit of an incident with the cake before brunch, but it was still beautiful and yummy!

Our fabulous coasters

The Wedding...

Derrick practiced his modeling skills while I practiced my photography skills...#teamwork

Victoria and her beau, Alex

Ashley and her fiance', Zack

This was the only music at the ceremony. Such a classic touch to the simple, elegant wedding.

My honey and I :)

Yes, we coordinated. :)

The groom anxiously awaiting his bride! 

Before the nuptials.

Wedding dress....STUNNING!

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jones

Victoria and I with Tonia and Ms. Pearl (Jimmette's sister and mom)
The gang's all here! Missing Ashley and Zack

The Reception...

Jimmy couldn't have picked a better venue for the reception.

How beautiful is this cake?
The couple's first dance. :)

Waterworks, of course.

Cake, cake, cake!

Two days later, I can't think about a single detail of this weekend that doesn't plaster a smile across my face. Thank you, Michael and Jimmette, for allowing me to witness your beautiful union. I'm excited for a future filled with love and happiness, with God at the center of your marriage.

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