Think Happy Thoughts...It's Friday!

 (Here's to wishing the weather were nice enough to actually go to the pool.)

It's Friday!

In celebration of the day that brings me the most joy (it signifies the end of long workweeks and is more often than not the day I get to reunite with Derrick), I've decided to list 10 things that make me happy.

So, here goes!

10 Things that Make Janna So So Happy
  1.  Arriving at the platform the moment the train pulls up to the station.
  2. Looking over at Derrick and catching him smiling at me.
  3. Having my parents respond to my text with a meme.
  4. Ordering the Jim Cade breakfast at Peaches (Their delicious granola crusted French toast with eggs scrambled with cheddar, bacon, and grits instead of potatoes. ^_^)
  5. Discovering new music. (This week it was Emily King.)
  6. Waking up to find that my wash-and-go is suitable to wear another day.
  7. Finding a new way to wear clothes I already have. (My spending habit is slowly coming to a halt.)
  8. Reading the comments section of a controversial article and not feeling discouraged about the lack of compassionate people in this world. (I gave it up for Lent, but I'm right back at it.)
  9. Walking into my new apartment.
  10. Publishing a new blog post.
 **Bonus: Knowing that today's the start of a long weekend...Happy early Memorial Day! 

What makes you happy?

One of my favorites :)

Texts with my dad

This wash and go lasted 4 days!

My new happy place ^_^.

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  1. 1 of 10 things that make me happy: spending this beautiful Friday with my boo😘


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