Table for One.

A self-proclaimed extrovert, it's very rare that you'll find me out, wandering alone. I do value my solitude at night; I have a pretty strict "gym, home, shower, dinner, write, and Friends at 11pm" schedule, which I prefer to do uninterrupted. But as far as going out goes, I'll always enjoy the energy and good company of someone I love.

I recently decided to switch things up a bit, taking myself to lunch after my family went back to Richmond. It was a beautiful day, I'd just woken up from a nap, and refused to waste the remainder of the day wishing I was enjoying the weather with a friend. I initially said I'd head to my usual, Peaches, but Derrick talked me out of it, encouraging me to try one of the restaurants on the 50 Black Owned Restaurants in NYC list I'd sent him earlier. Though it wasn't on the list, I decided on Saraghina in my neighborhood, Bed Stuy.

A quaint pizzeria with rustic charm, Saraghina was the perfect place to curl up with their catfish po'boy, an Italian margarita (yes, I curled up with the margarita), and my current read, Americanah by Chimamanda Adiche. I spent about an hour and a half reading, talking to staff, and chowing down, loving this alone time with my own thoughts. Afterwards, I walked the neighborhood under the beaming sun, so content with my Sunday day date.

It doesn't happen often, but I'm so happy I took the time to treat myself to some alone time. And I hope to keep it up; I know that my friends and even boyfriend won't always be available to go to brunch or wander the city the minute I decide to take advantage of the next sunny day NYC grants us. By the day's end, I felt refreshed, accomplished, and more interested in what I'd do and where I'd go if it were solely up to me. Saraghina was a great start. 

What are your favorite solo date ideas?

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  1. I actually love movie date nights. When I lived in NC I would take myself on a date once a week. Mani/pedi sessions are always great self date ideas as well. Glad you enjoyed your alone time.



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