Separation Anxiety.

2 days, 2 cars, 4 trips, 80 bags, and a moving company later, I'm all moved into my new apartment. Okay, well, maybe not 80 bags, but I must admit, I can name lots of items that should've been transported to the nearest dumpster, not my new place. After staying up late Thursday panicking about our move Friday morning, I looked at what seemed like mounds of...stuff...piled up in room after room and turned to my boyfriend Derrick. We'd already taken 3 trips to the new place and were tired, so at that point, I had no idea what to do with the rest of my things. Torching them and moving on seemed like the best option. But realistically, that wasn't an option at all, and I had less than a day to turn in my keys and leave 1221 behind.

"I can't decide what to do with the rest of my things. Here, you tell me what to do. Tell me what to keep and throw away. I don't have the energy to think right now." I pleaded with Derrick, looking for sympathy.

"You want me to tell you what to throw away? Let's start at the new place. There's tons of stuff I would've told you not to take."

He was right. Truth be told, I'm a hoarder, and attach sentimental value to nearly everything I get, making it impossible to throw even the smallest of things away. I don't know what it is! Things I haven't touched in years suddenly mean so much to me when it's time to toss them. And while I was pretty good at throwing unnecessary items away before the move (thanks to Derrick breathing down my neck), I know deep down that there are some things I've brought with me that need to G.O.

But for laughs, here are a few of the ridiculous items Derrick and my friend/roommate Michelle had to pry out of my hands and force into the garbage:
  • The business card of a random man I met at karaoke over a year ago (he worked front desk at the clue why it was so important)
  • An unopened chocolate bar that came with the book my coworker wrote over a year ago
  • Every boarding pass from every flight I've taken since 2013
  • A cracked plastic wine glass covered in puff paint my best friend made for me in 2008.
  • The key card to a cruise I took with friends back in 2013. Never mind the countless pictures I had; the key card was what would remind me of that trip.
  • Expired AAA membership cards
The list goes on.

I did end up packing over 6 bags of clothes, shoes, and jewelry that I plan to donate to a church back home; in my attempts to become a minimalist, I was able to say goodbye to some pretty awesome stuff. And it was a lot easier to let go of hair products. Oils I haven't used or curly creams I know don't work for me went out the window without thought. But overall, I'd say this journey has forced me to let go of things I really don't want or need. And that's what's always been funny about my life. A useless boyfriend? Out the window without thought. A useless business card, expired chocolate bar, or movie ticket stub? I'm holding on for dear life. I'll never get it.

Does anyone else suffer from this kind of separation anxiety? Surely I can't be the only one. :)


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