Outside the Box.

Last year, my friend/co-worker Melissa and I implemented weekly Girls' Night. One night a week, usually a Tuesday or Thursday, we leave work together and head to Harlem for a night of fun. We have standing mani-pedi appointments every other week, but when we're not laughing it up in the salon, you can find us out to eat, at a bar, grocery shopping for a night in, getting ready for a movie night, or chilling our wine, champagne, or Straw-ber-ritas in preparation for the evening's hottest show.

Full of laughs (and now excessive Snapchatting), this girls' night is much needed, and something I look forward to each week. Positive female relationships are so good for the soul, and I'm so glad Melissa and I have developed a friendship beyond our 9-5 jobs. 

This week as Mel and I sat in the office, I attempted my usual, "Melissa, try this" routine as I opened my lunch bag and pulled out my leftover Indian food. Fake-allergic to anything she refuses to eat, her face scrunched up and she said, "what is that? Indian? No, I think I'm allergic." 

Not buying her lies, I scooped some out and said, "I know you'd like it, here." 

She dramatically sealed her eyes shut and leaned forward for a taste. "Hmm, not bad." 

I knew she'd like it if she just stepped out the box for just a second and gave new foods a try. It was then that we got the bright idea to challenge each other to step out the box. 

We agreed that if I step away from my usual pastel nail colors and let her pick my color, I could take her to a restaurant and choose her meal. 


When we got to the nail salon Wednesday, she bolted straight for the bright pinks and oranges, a major stretch from the "Easter colors" I gravitate towards. I watched Linda apply the polish and couldn't believe my nails were this bright. Like....bright bright. 

Two days later, I can admit that I kinda like it! I feel like it makes my toes pop in my sandals and my hands actually look really cute. I can't say I'll get bold, right colors every time I get them done, but this definitely won't be the last time.

I guess she did good. I can't wait to decide what she eats next week. *evil grin*

(An oldie but goodie.)

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