A Weekend in the Big City.

It doesn't happen often, but it's always SO exciting when my family comes up to visit me in New York. Initially they came to help decorate, assemble new furniture, and install A/C units (kissing VA goodbye also meant kissing central air conditioning goodbye), but instead, we did a lot of eating, walking, laughing, and hitting the town.

Our weekend kicked off Friday afternoon with me giving my mom, dad, and Alex, my little brother's girlfriend, a tour of my office. For the past 2.5 years, they've heard about my coworkers, my office, and the infamous Girl Scout Cookie closet, but they've never actually seen it all, so I made their wishes come true. They were all smiles as they greeted each member of our team.

The rest of our day was spent at the Macaron Cafe (I've turned Alex into a macaron addict, just like myself) and Carmine's Italian Restaurant in Times Square. Of course we hit the town at night, starting with Bed Vyne, a cousin's birthday party, and finally Black Swan for a late night meal. Very low key, we knew we had to do it up the next night.

Of course I had to take my family to Peaches, my absolute favorite restaurant in NYC, for Saturday brunch. My aunt and cousin joined us this time, so our large party of nine had a pretty long wait. While they rattled off names on the waitlist, skipping ours every time, my dad decided to park it at the bar and buy everyone a round of Grand Marnier mimosas (my favorite brunch drink). That certainly made time fly by, and we were seated and eating brunch favorites in no time.

After brunch, my mom, Michelle and I (my little brother Will & Alex tagged along, too) hit the stores looking for ways to make our apartment that much dreamier. Between Target and Bed Bath & Beyond, we were able to get a pretty clear direction of how we wanted things to look. I'm so excited to show you guys my room when it's all done! I was exhausted from staying out the night before, so my mom being the saint that she is let me rest in bed while she gave my apartment that mother's touch. It was clear of clutter and excessive boxes, and actually looks like a  home! Moving is so stressful, and it couldn't have been done without her.

Despite being sick, I knew I had to show my brother and his girlfriend a good time for their last night in the city. That "good time" was had in Williamsburg at 94 Kinfolk, where we danced to good music and people watched. To our surprise, we saw Joan Smalls, whom I absolutely LOVE (and who got to lick Beyonce in her "Yonce" video...lucky! haha) partying with her boyfriend. That's one of the things I love about NYC; at any moment, you can spot someone famous, just two feet away from you!

The night ended at The Meatball Shop where we got full on made to order meatballs and ice cream sandwiches. Our bellies full, we caught an Uber back to Bed Stuy and crashed for the night.

Saying goodbye to my family after a great weekend is always the hardest for me. I love NYC, but I miss my family dearly. I love the laughs, the inappropriate jokes, and our bond that's so unique. It was also great to have my older brother Jared in town. He's never visited me in the big city, so I was thrilled to show him the place that I call home. I think he enjoyed it, too!

I will admit that there was so much going on that I forgot to take pictures of it all. *hides face in shame* So, enjoy the few pictures I did take!

Will, Jared and I taking a nice little family portrait at Macaron Cafe.

Our first meal together in NYC--Carmine's in Times Square

Alex and I at my cousin's party. (Yes her eyes are closed but she's still gorgeous!) 

Mimosas and Peaches. My happy place.

My mama's my lifesaver!

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  1. Weekends with the fam are always the best, especially when they're not right around the corner anymore. I love the silly pic with your bros. :-)



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