Series of Unfortunate Events.

It all started last night. After a daunting walk home from the gym carrying what felt like a human body in my grocery bag, I walk to my car, dreading the almost daily hunt for a parking spot that meets the Alternative Side Parking requirement for the next day. Lucky me, I find a spot on the next block and park it right away (Okay, I may have needed a stranger to coach me into the spot). To my surprise (read: dismay), I noticed that the spot I forced my way into was actually on the No Parking on Tuesday side. Great. I quickly made plans to wake up early and move my car again, which was perfect since I wanted to drive a bit closer to the train anyway.

Fast forward to this morning's series of unfortunate events.

1. I did NOT wake up early. In fact, I slept through all of my early alarms.

2. Realizing I forgot to do something, anything to my hair,  I quickly twisted it so it could take some shape while I got dressed.

3. Getting dressed. Ha! My minimalist plans are a little too minimal at this point, and I found NOTHING to wear. Every dress I slipped on didn't fit quite right. My thoughts ranged from, This skirt doesn't fit me like it used to. That top shows too much arm and I've been hating my arms lately. Oh, this outfit is cute! Wait..I can't wear those shoes with it because I'm way overdue for a pedicure. Do these closed toe shoes go with this skirt? Nah. Ugh, this shirt is too wrinkled. What's the high for today? 83? Oh no, these pants are too hot for this weather. I need more flowy tops. Why don't I have more basics? Maybe I can get away with these sandals. Crap, I forgot I peeled off the polish on that toe while watching TV last night. Maybe I could just work from home today?

25 minutes later, I end up wearing the wrinkled top and pants that were too hot and bolt out the door, rushing to beat the morning crowd.

4. So much for beating the morning crowd. I got in my car, headed towards the train, and was greeted by traffic cones and a crossing guard directing traffic. We were being detoured in the opposite direction, and traffic was at a standstill. Great.

Luckily I saw a woman pulling out of a spot, and wasted no time stealing it. With standstill traffic, it'd be 9am before I'd find a closer spot, if I found one at all. I hop out the car and start walking to the train, further away from it than where I started.

5. Drip. Drip...Drip drip drip. Oh, what's that? Rain, you say? Of. Course. Of freaking course. It was raining, I somehow managed to get further from my train and the forecast suddenly called for AM thunderstorms. I immediately flashed back to just 20 minutes before. I was packing for the gym and took the umbrella out of my bag and placed it on the dresser. This was perfect, because what I needed on top of the pile of regret was another walk up 3 flights of stairs to grab the one thing I took out of my bag.

6. Ready to put my sucky morning behind me, I walk 11 minutes to the train and head up the stairs, hopeful that things would turn around for me once I finally headed to work. But of course, that'd be too easy. Way too easy. It's only right (read: Oh so wrong) that I left my unlimited metro card at home. Where? I'm guessing yesterday's gym pants. Hopefully I'm right, because nothing burns me up more than paying money for a metro card when there's already an unlimited pass somewhere with my name on it. Burns. Me. Up.

I handed over my money to the MTA teller and purchased a card with enough money to get me to work and back. I shook my head the entire time.

So, that was my morning. A series of unfortunate events prevented me from cracking a smile until I was seated at my desk spreading avocado across my whole wheat toast.

Mornings like these don't happen often, but when it rains, it really pours. (BTW, it didn't even rain today.)

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