Peaches, Please.

Of all the amazing food that I've had since moving to New York, and of all the restaurants I've visited in the past almost year (wow...a year?!), I can't say that I've found anything quite like Peaches in Bed Stuy.

The epitome of feel-good food, everything on Peaches' menu comes with a generous portion of Nostalgia. For me, the memories aren't so distant, but even still, the moment I sit down, I'm reminded of a great time I had while at a great place in life, all because of this great place, Peaches. I think of the people I've dined with there, the conversations I've held over an order of Brooklyn wings and granola crusted French toast, and the relationships that have formed as a result of this comfort food that immediately instills a sense of familiarity between two complete strangers. I think of what those relationships have since flourished to, or, in some cases, dissolved to, and I'm immediately overwhelmed with bittersweet sentiments.

It sounds insane, I know. All of these thoughts and feelings brought about because of a restaurant's shrimp and grits and signature gumbo? But as insane as it sounds, it's so very real. Some of the strongest bonds I've made since living in New York have evolved at this great place. On darker days, friends have sent early morning messages requesting brunch at Peaches so they can vent over a plate full of food and soon drown their worries in the sounds of 90s R&B.

I had the privilege of revisiting for brunch just this week, and while we came to express concerns for our future, I couldn't help revisiting the past. Being with great people, at a great time, in a great a great place: Peaches.



  1. Sounds like a great restaurant. I must visit some time. Especially since I live so close to bedstuy. What's your favorite dish to order there?

  2. The shrimp and grits is definitely my favorite lunch/dinner option, and the French toast is something I HAVE to get every single time I'm there for brunch!

    BUT! Make sure you try the Brooklyn Wings and/or their gumbo! Amazing! And of course, I have to complete each meal with a Magner's cider ;-)


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