A Weekend of Firsts.

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Nothing makes me happier than discovering new things; music, movies, art, artists, and most importantly, venues. This weekend, me and my partner in crime (do I even need to say her name at this point?) decided to make the best of the rescheduling of my Creep celebration event. (SN: Creep is the name of the latest book I edited. Written by Darnell Lamont Walker, it's a pretty big deal.) Not letting our excitement for an eventful night go to waste, Michelle and I decided to venture into the city to try a new sushi spot for dinner and sake. The sushi? Absolutely amazing! And while Michelle wasn't too thrilled about the taste of hot sake, it's the experience that made it so much fun!

After dinner, we decided to wander aimlessly through Chelsea and hopefully get just as lucky with a new place for cocktails. Michelle had read about a great spot called Bathtub Gin that was nearby, so we headed in that direction.

"Why is there a bouncer at this coffee shop?" I asked.

"You ladies lost?" asked the bouncer.

"Um. Kind of. This is the right address, but obviously this is a coffee shop. We're looking for Bathtub Gin."

"Are you with a party? Or it's just you two?" he asked sternly.

"It's just us," we answered hesitantly.

He nodded and opened the door, and Michelle and I stood clueless as we looked around a quaint coffee shop.

The bouncer pushed on the wall, and pretty soon, we were standing at the entrance of a speakeasy! Immediately, we felt like we were experiencing a time warp. It was the 1920s all over again. We had a couple glasses of champagne and sparkling wine, met a few great guys that had great conversation, and marveled at this amazing vintage hole in the wall.

The next day, she and I went out for brunch and Pinkberry before camping out in Starbucks to get work done. Once again, we found another great spot! Flight 151 offered a free glass of champagne, Mimosa, or Bloody Mary with any brunch entree, so naturally, we were sold! Even better, the table cloth was paper, and the table came equipped with a cup of crayons! As sad as it sounds, Michelle sat in silence as we colored until our meals came, and resumed long after our meals were finished.

The fun didn't stop here, but this blogpost does! I have tons of work to do before bed, and I just realized how late it's getting! I'll be back soon. :)


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