Good food with great people; does it get any better than that? Today after work, I went to dinner at Bobby Flay's restaurant Mesa Grill with some pretty amazing people to discuss business, pleasure, and everything in between. Even better, one of my friends was good friends with the head manager at the restaurant, and as a thank you for dining with them, he had the staff bring us any and everything we wanted, all on the house. They brought out four delicious appetizers before we even had a chance to order our entree, and that alone was enough to fill us up. We had the Queso Fundido, which was a goat cheese dip, a blue corn pancake with barbecued duck, shrimp and roasted garlic stuffed corn tamale, and the cremini mushroom quesadilla, topped with a fried egg. All were to die for!

As we finished up our entrees, which were all perfection as well, the manager comes over and suggests his favorite dessert, the freshly made churros, sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar and served with a warm dark chocolate sauce and a warm dulce de leche sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Usually, at upscale restaurants, you can rest assured that you'll be overspending and under-eating, leaving the restaurant in search of fast food or street meat. Not at Bobby Flay's restaurant! The portions were very generous; none of us could finish our food! Top off the meal with cactus pear and white peach margaritas, and we were happy campers!

Joining us for dinner was my new friend Niema, editor at ESSENCE Magazine. It was so nice to finally meet her! We had communicated through Darnell, my dear friend and the owner of the company I edit for, Evolutionary Press, and exchanged a few emails as the three of us begin our newest project, but to finally meet and get to know her face-to-face was such a delight. Thankfully, we discussed more than just business, so not only have I extended my network, but I've made a new friend! Such a perfect push into the latter part of my week. No Humpday Blues for me! :)


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