Truffles and Cocktails.

I was so excited to get the opportunity to hit the town with new friends! It's always great to have your old faithfuls, but there's nothing wrong with spicing it up a little bit and enjoying time with those you don't get to see too often. This weekend while in DC, a few of my friends from the dinner club in NYC made plans to meet up in the city this week for cocktails and live jazz. Jennifer, the wine broker, has an undying love for all things wine just like me, so naturally, we decided on a wine bar! Jennifer picked out the most Ah.MAZING venue, a place called Ayza Chocolate and Wine Bar...To die for!

While I waited for my friends to arrive, I sat at the bar and browsed their wine menu for a few before deciding on the Chocolate Wine. More of a Malbec type of girl, I decided to give it a chance, although it was a sweet Merlot. I'm definitely a fan! It has the aroma of chocolate, as well as the light aftertaste, which makes it the absolutely perfect choice. Once Jennifer, Craig, and Kivvi made their way to the restaurant, we sat outside, directly beside the live Spanish guitarists, and chatted, took a shot of their chocolate cocktail, and then decided to try our own. I had the Peppermint Chocolate Cocktail, which tasted like a Thin Mint! It's the perfect drink to make for the holiday season! Jennifer had the Raspberry Chocolate, Kivvi had the original, and Craig tried the Chocolate Wine that I professed my undying love for. We were all so content! Each cocktail came with a complementary truffle, and I nibbled slowly, not wanting to see it go :(

Of course, I opted for the appetizer that came with Sweet Chili Sauce (my absolute fave), and pretty soon, it was time to go! We wandered the streets of NYC for a few, and I tried street meat for the first time. Chicken and Lamb over Rice is soooo good! I have no clue why I've never given it a chance! I was so excited to get the chance to converse, laugh, and wander the streets with people I haven't seen in what seems like forever. It definitely won't be the last time!


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