Spice Up Your Life.

For almost a month now, the Madison Square Eats Street Festival has been taking place just two blocks away from my job. What a struggle it is to resist this thing! I went out to visit one day during my lunch break, and although I had brought my lunch in an effort to save a little money, I found myself ordering two pork sliders from one of the vendors. They were incredible! I knew from the very first bite that this festival would quickly take both my money and the hard work I put in at the gym, so I had to discipline myself and promise that I'd only revisit to simply check out the other vendors and see what they had to offer. Granted, I did go back to Wafles and Dinges , a waffle truck that camps out in various locations around NYC. In my defense, I was craving something sweet and my coworkers came back with one of their Throwdown Waffles with Strawberries and Whipped Cream. O...M...G. Unreal. I had to run down and get one, but I only ate enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and then threw the rest away. Yay for me! (Discipline...kinda.) I did go back a couple of times to visit their spice collection. It's so extensive and makes you want to try to new dishes at home! I haven't gotten anything from the spice vendor, although I have a few more days to decide if I want to or not (they're here until the 21st.). We'll see! Either way, this Madison Square Eats Street Festival is a brilliant idea and an excellent way to get people to try new restaurants around the city! I'll be visiting some in the near future!


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