Pick-Me-Up Lunch.

Today was a bit of a rough day for me, but with good music, work to keep me occupied and an awesome coworker that never fails to deliver hours of laughs via GChat, I managed to get through it. Luckily, for me, "getting through it" wasn't good enough for the people I'm closest to. Whenever I'm down, angry, or just in a funk, I can always count on my closest friends to do everything in their power to lift my spirits. What I wasn't prepared for, however, was the text that Michelle would send my way in the midst of our usual mid-morning convo.

"I'll meet you at 23rd street at 12:30. Is that too early? Think you'll be hungry?"

Although we'd mention it from time to time ever since she and I stopped working together, Michelle and I had never really made much of an effort to leave our offices and travel uptown or downtown to meet and sit for lunch. We are always so engulfed in our work that we barely have time to search for a place to eat near our jobs, much less travel to a different Manhattan neighborhood and enjoy a sit-down meal. But today, on a day that was clearly a struggle for me, Michelle left her office and took a train downtown, met me on my block, and she and I wandered the streets in search of a Thai restaurant. For the next hour, she and I sat and discussed life, love, families, heartbreaks, and everything in between, and pretty soon, I was back to my chipper self again.

Before she hopped back on the train, Michelle and I snapped a picture in front of the station, commemorating the day that a friend who needed strength herself, dropped everything to be strong for me.


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