Memories from the Pier.

Bored last week while underground on the train, I began scrolling through the images in my phone. Although this was taken last weekend, the day after my trip across the Brooklyn Bridge, I somehow quickly forgot this was in my phone. Now that I think about it, it's probably because at the time of this photo, I was in the middle of an amazing conversation with one of the most beautiful conversationalists I've ever taken the time to chat with. We walked the length of the Chelsea Pier after leaving the High Line, and found an open grassy area where we lay and talked about any and everything that came to mind. It always happens like that; we move from topic to topic, asking questions, presenting ideas, and sharing laughs, and before we know it, hours have passed.
This day was no different. Once the sun began to set, we moved from the grass to a bench that gave us a perfect view of the Hudson River and Hoboken, New Jersey, and the sky began transforming into something almost as beautiful as he is. I had to take a break from chatting and snap a picture. Every time I come to the pier, magic happens. Maybe I should return more often.


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