Fashion's Night Out.

Words cannot convey how excited I was to know that Fashion's Night Out was rapidly approaching! The night before, I was busy on the phone orchestrating plans for my ladies and I, and although they weren't too clear, we were all super stoked about it. One of my coworkers was working the Dolce & Gabbana event with surprise guest Justin Bieber, but knowing how much pandemonium we'd become engulfed in, I was a bit iffy about attending. Instead, my friend Raisa, Michelle and I opted to head out to SoHo, and it was an absolute blast. To be around thousands of people who eat, breathe and live fashion and had nothing else on the brain was such a dream. Each store in SoHo had a DJ, dramatic decorations and served champagne for everyone as they entered. Me and my ladies completely LOST IT in TopShop while viewing their new fall collection. We're definitely taking a trip back now that the madness has died down.

After TopShop, we wandered over to DASH...BIG mistake. There wasn't even a line to get in; it was a chaotic mosh pit of people. Khloe Kardashian was inside, so naturally, the bouncers (yes, the Kardashian store has bouncers...not just during FNO...EVERYDAY) were playing NO games when it came to who they let in. We just couldn't deal. Raisa, Michelle, and I left swiftly and headed to Intermix where Rachel Zoe was going to be. Such a bummer! She was at Bloomies on the Upper East Side! She WAS coming to Intermix, though, I just got there a little too early :(

Once me and the girls got all of our shopping done and got a little partying in while visiting the stores, we ventured off to grab cocktails. We ended up at this great restaurant/bar called Nolita House, and got some of THE best appetizers and cocktails that I've had in a while.

The next day I saw my coworker and asked her how everything went at D&G. She said it was a nightmare, but there were lots of celebrities that came out. All along 5th Ave were mobs of people trying to get into each store to see which celebs were where. Jay-Z went into Versace along with Nicki Minaj and Drake, Usher and Bieber performed "I Love College" (don't even ask why they did this...) at D&G, and Rachel Zoe signed autographs before she and husband Rodger took pictures with fans. I'm kinda bummed that I decided not to go on 5th Ave, but knowing me, I would have gotten fed up quickly with the mobs of people. And besides, the festivities in SoHo were amazing.

Now that I know exactly what happens in different parts of Manhattan, I can make a better event schedule for FNO 2012. I'll be able to divide my time better and maximize my experience. All and all, though, it was definitely a night to remember!


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