Kiss the Bartender.

I think it's safe to say that I've taken up a new hobby! On my last trip home, I lucked up and came on a weekend that my family decided to have a dinner party. It's always so great; we have delicious food, delicious drinks, and hours of watching Baby Rylee put on a show for everyone. While waiting for the food to be prepared, my cousin Davien and his partner decided to make cocktails for everyone, and since they are the ones closest to me in age (about 6 years or so older than me) I pulled up a seat and watched. As I watched them make mojitos from scratch, I inquired about Davien's life in Amsterdam and his job as a journalist. To my surprise, he absolutely loves it there! He expressed to me that he has no desire to return to the States, and bragged that Amsterdam offers a kind of freedom that we'd never get here. Fortunately, he extended an invitation and said that whenever I wanted to come out, I'd have a place to stay! This makes me super excited to plan a visit!

Okay, on to my hobby. Since Davien was preparing a couple of entrees, he asked if I wanted to take on the job of bartender and make mojitos for those who wanted one. A little nervous (that's a lot of pressure!), I recited the directions in my head over and over, sure to leave no room for error. I poured two shots of rum into the glass, followed by the homemade muddled lime, mint, and sugar mixture, topped it off with a shot of seltzer water, sprinkled sugar on the top and garnished it with a mint. Voila! It was not only easy, but with my special touch, they came out delicious! My friend Michelle came home with me, and we agreed that we need to make more of these once getting back to New York. I have gotten so many great ideas that I plan to use once I move into my own place....I'm getting excited!


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