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A good friend and I decided to start a little Summer Reading Challenge, with him reading 3 books this summer and me reading 4. My first book was And Yet They Were Happy by Helen Phillips, followed by Katie Couric's book The Best Advice I Ever Got, and then Jay-Z's Decoded. All three books were incredible, and offered awesome takeaways that I continue to use everyday. I loved Helen Phillips' writing style, Katie Couric's book presented valuable perspective and advice from figures that I admire, and Jay-Z's book provided awesome motivation to reach heights that I never thought were possible while also helping me better understand the meaning of his songs.

My friend read The Alchemist, and I've noticed how much of an impact it has had on his life. His thinking has changed, and he seems to have a new-found understanding and appreciation for events--fortunate and not so much--that may happen to him or those around him. He is now starting Decoded,
but he recommended that I read The Alchemist. After finishing it, I understand why his perspective has changed. If I didn't take anything else away from this book, I have grown to believe that there really are no coincidences. Life was written by one hand, therefore everything that happens is in some way connected to what is soon to come or what has already passed. I could go on and on about this book...it has seriously changed my life for the better.

I'm still trying to figure out what to read next. I don't usually like fiction, although I made an exception for The Alchemist, so I'm looking for another motivational non-fiction book to read. I've been told to read Bloomberg's book, and The Kite Runner (which I believe is fiction), but I'm still taking suggestions!


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