No Title, Just...King Bey. :)

As crazy as it crazy as it IS--Michelle and I decided to camp out in Central Park on Thursday.

In our defense....BEYONCE was performing at 7am for Good Morning America! A Beyonce concert? In Central Park? .....For FREE? Who wouldn't spend their day off having bonding time between blankets and sleeping bags (although getting NO sleep)..all to see Bey live?

I must say, though. That I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER camp out again for a concert! It was crowded, we got no sleep, and we had to make sure we were always alert, listening out for "MOVING!" so we could gather our things and move with the line. I am absolutely too old for things like that! I would much rather pay good money for great tickets than spend a night outside. There was no restroom, and if you got out of line to go use the port-a-potty in the back, you lost your spot. I was so nervous, praying that I wouldn't suddenly get the urge to go! It was a nightmare!

The light at the end of the tunnel was definitely a bright one, though. Bey came out, looking amazingly expected, and put on a show that was definitely one to remember! I was in awe the entire time, especially when she sang my absolute FAVE song at the moment, "1+1." I had spent so many days and nights with this song on repeat, watching her perform it backstage at American Idol, and replaying her Glastonbury performance, and to see all of that right in front of me.....WOW. Michelle began to cry, and chills ran nonstop through my body as she sang with such passion. She rocked the stage with performances of "Best Thing I Never Had," "Single Ladies," "Run the World," and "End of Time," and had a little fun with us during commercial breaks. Her personality is incredible, and she danced on command for us while waiting for the show to return and start filming live again. We got her to do the robot, dougie, and the stanky leg, and she talked and joked with people in the front. I suddenly forgot about the disastrous night, and it all seemed worth it.

We hadn't eaten in almost 24 hours, and hadn't slept in 29 hours (we worked 8 hours before going out there and weren't hungry when we took our lunch break). We felt miserable as we drove back to Brooklyn! I dropped Michelle back off at home, came home, showered and passed out for as long as I could. Some of the best sleep ever! Did I mention that all of this was before 11am? SUCH a long night/morning.

Friday night, Malikkah asked me to go out for drinks in Williamsburg, and I told her I'd join her. In about an hour, Malikkah came into my room to see if I was ready to go, and I was knocked out! The TV and my Mac were still on, my phone was in my hand, and I was out. My body was just so exhausted! I was in bed by 11, and woke up Saturday, refreshed and ready for a great workout, mani-pedi, shopping, and a great night out with Malikkah and some of her girlfriends. This fourth of July weekend, and my summer in NYC is more than I could've ever dreamed.


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