Life's A Beach.

Coming off the high of finding out that I got the job I'd wanted--doing what I love to do (writing, editing...full time ^_^), the girls and I prepared to leave the chaos of the city and escape to the beach for a relaxing Saturday filled with sun and sand. We headed out to Far Rockaway Beach in Queens, which is PERFECT because it's only a 25 minute drive and just like that, you're in a seemingly different world, although it's still technically NYC. As soon as we got there, excitement shot through our bodies as there was NO crowd and tons of sand to lay out on. In no time, we were stretched out across our blankets. I quickly slapped suntan lotion on my body and began sunbathing, performing a rotisserie-like rotation every 15 minutes. My new friend Bianca lay prostrate and crept into a slumber while Michelle got her shovel and pail and started making sand people. I was in a state of bliss as I soared through the pages of Jay-Z's "Decoded."

We stayed out on the beach for a couple of hours before deciding that we needed to get home and prepare to meet Jasmine in the city for margaritas at Mother Burger. The night ended with many drinks and great conversation, and a random meet-up with the man who provides all of my editing projects. Another great night in the city.


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