All I See is Fireworks...

I never quite know my 4th of July plans until about a couple of hours beforehand, and this year was no different. Although I can't quite remember what I did last year, I was determined to top those plans (they must not have been that great since I can't remember), especially since it was my first 4th in the Big Apple. I heard that Macy's puts on this amazing firework show that can be seen in multiple areas around the Hudson, so naturally, that's what I wanted to do! Besides, as dirty as it is, I LOVE the Hudson, especially the pier that gives you a great view of Jersey and miles and miles to walk and get lost in great conversation (which I take advantage of quite often).

Before heading to the firework show, Jasmine and I decided to meet Michelle and her family in Midtown for burgers at the delicious Motherburger. Their food is TO DIE FOR, and they have great dipping sauces--my fave. After great burgers, fries, and margaritas with her family, we decided to head over to the pier, but were interrupted by a text from Michelle's boyfriend telling us to come to his friend's apartment to watch the fireworks. Before we knew it, we were rooftop on a 70th street apartment, with THE PERFECT view of the Upper West Side on one side, and the rest of Manhattan on the other. It was breathtaking. The fireworks started, and we felt like kids again, snapping pictures every ten seconds and "Ooo"ing and "Ahh"ing at each new image Macy's shot up in the fireworks. Afterwards, Jasmine and I stood on the edge of the rooftop, speechless as I watched busy Manhattan 42 floors below. And just like that, I fell in love with NYC all over again.

(sorry for the horrible picture quality!)



  1. This is AMAZING!!! I was born and raised in NYC and never got an opportunity to view the fireworks like you did. I am living through you with this post. Glad you had an incredible 4th of July!!!

  2. First of all Michelle doesn't have a boy friend. Second...those pics are awwwesome...why did I just see those today? Idk, but I love this post :)


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