Ready for Summer.

Summer is officially here! And to celebrate, I decided to go lighter with my hair, similar to how I had it back in October. Before I moved, I made the promise to myself that I'd leave my hair alone and just let it be for a while--free from all chemicals, but not natural-- and it's been almost 6 months....long enough! I love me with lighter hair; I feel like it fits my personality better, and strangely enough, it lifts my spirits when I wake up in the morning and see bright hair! While visiting home this past week, I decided to break my rule and go for it. I'm back to the old Janna! Now, when I strut through the NYC streets and prepare to take on my first summer in the city, I can do so with a new look to complement my new attitude!


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  1. Love the compliments you well. Are you excited for NYC???

    lots of blog love xoxoxo


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