Forever Young.

I've always dreaded this day. My baby brother, who I remember protecting as he started his first day of kindergarten, has finally graduated high school and is embarking on a new journey as he attends military academy in the fall. It's almost surreal, him growing up. I've always imagined him being this baby who always wanted to snuggle with big sis, have movie time whenever I came in town, and ask for fashion advice. However, on this visit home, it was a complete 180! I slept in his room, but no snuggling, instead of watching movies, I watched him play X-Box with his friends on the other end of the game (technology, I tell ya), and after planning a shopping trip, he informed me that he'd rather just go shopping with his friends this time. Broke my heart, yes, but luckily he came into my room and asked if I could go help him pick out clothes. :)

I'm slowly but surely learning to adapt to this older version of the baby of the family, and although it's difficult now, I am excited for this new relationship we'll develop as we retain closeness through the trials he'll encounter in his adult life. The ending of one relationship only begets a new one, so instead of sulking, I'll begin looking forward to the bond we'll create in this new chapter of both of our lives. Legally, he may be an adult, but he'll always be the baby I helped off the bus 13 years ago.


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