Creating History...Starting on the Hudson.

I've been quite the busy bee since the summer has kicked off! It seems like every other day I'm getting an email from a friend to attend a different event in the city! This time, though, I was the one orchestrating the plans, rallying up my girls to go enjoy the luxuries of living in awesomely random NYC. Browsing one of my favorite websites for lowkey happenings in NYC, I discovered an afterwork cruise around Manhattan....for only $7! I immediately forwarded the link to my girls, and in no time, we were meeting up after work to hop on board a cruise ship and sip cocktails as we sailed along the lower tip of Manhattan. As we listened to awesome music from 3 different DJs, we took turns enjoying the view of the city from each of the 3 floors of the ship. Michelle, my girlfriend Angela from JMU, and I spent the entire night taking what seemed like hundreds of the same pictures, all in hopes of getting a better picture each time. Although my Blackberry camera isn't spectacular, I'm pretty pleased! We went under all 3 bridges (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg), and got perfect views of Brooklyn, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of LIberty.

The three of us spent 3 hours aboard the cruise ship in awe, not only of the beautiful city, but of the fact that we actually did it. We're doing it. We made a courageous decision to move to NYC, disregarding any doubts, and are young African American women making lives for ourselves. Sure, we aren't EXACTLY where we want to be career-wise, and we all wished we were making more money to create the life we dream of, but in spite of all that, we are living life to the fullest, enjoying the crazy ride to our destination. We took a moment to soak it all in, and I felt chills run through my body as Angela broke the silence with "We did it, guys. We're here." No matter where I am in my career, or better yet, where I am NOT in my career, I can always sit back and say "I did it. I'm here." And the rest is just history that I'm prepared to create.


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