My Little Nugget.

Since I haven't been in NYC since Wednesday (I just got back last night), I'm deciding to post one from my getaway. This weekend, I was super excited to get to JMU and see some of my closest girlfriends! When we're together, we always have a blast, and no one understands the unique relationship we all have. I think that's what makes our bond so special. I love those girls.

One little nugget in particular, Ciera, is so small and adorable, and every time I see her I just want to stick her in my purse and bring her back to New York with me! Although she plays the role of the goofy, yet militant, motherly one in the group, I love to put her on my hip as though SHE'S the child and I'm the mama! Our last night in Harrisonburg was definitely one to remember. We spent hours in her living room sipping her signature melon sangria and dancing to all of our favorite senior year jams....I love nights like that!! Of course, before the night was over, Ciera ended up on my hip and I cuddled her like the little adorable nugget she is. I love my ladies.


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