Grand Central.

One of the many things that I love about my new job is the exposure to so many new places to eat and sites to see as I come to and from the office everyday. I've discovered this amazing deli/everythingelseyoucanimagine spot right across the street called Delish, the New York Public Library, and the popular cupcake shop, Crumbs. Most importantly, I love the train station I come into everyday! Grand Central Station is a 180 from what many expect from NYC train stations. Most are underground, some have humungous rats, smell unpleasant, and are full of drummers or dancers trying to make an extra buck by entertaining commuters. But not Grand Central!

As soon as you step off the train, you're greeted by tons of stores (including MAC), a Starbucks (maybe two) and a plethora of shoe/clothing stores. To add to that, there are lots of classy sit-down restaurants that are perfect for that afterwork second wind with the co-workers! I can't wait to try one of these places!

Aside from the restaurants and the many shops, the architecture of Grand Central Station is breathtaking! The walls are what appear to be marble, and the large windows add that perfect glimpse of sunshine that you don't usually get from your average NYC train station. I'm definitely not complaining about any of the perks that come with my new job!


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