Girls' Night Out.

This past weekend, I had every intention of staying in the house and not only saving money, but resisting those extra calories that I knew would come from going out into the city for dinner or cocktails. Friday night was a success, but Saturday, I managed to sneak out for a few. One of my closest college friends, Erika, came into town to celebrate her friend's birthday, and of course, I couldn't pass up this opportunity to see my love!! I met her in the city at this delicious Mexican restaurant, Don Caminos, and afterwards we went to see Loni Love (from Chelsea Lately) at the Gotham Comedy Center. Don Caminos was amazing, and the comedy show was even better! We literally laughed our butts off at all of the opening acts, the host, and especially Loni Love. Her appearance on 'Chelsea Lately' doesn't do her comedic ability justice! She discussed a plethora of topics that most shy away from, and approached them with the perfect balance of taste and raunchiness. I loved it! Most importantly, I loved being reunited with Erika and meeting her girlfriends. I made a new NYC connect out of it, too, with her friend Caroline. She was such a sweetheart, and we definitely look forward to getting together in the city soon!


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