Has it really been 5 days since I've posted? Yikes! The past few days have been completely dull to say the least. Relaxing, watching after my younger cousins, and hitting the gym...my routine pretty much everyday. I didn't want to just find meaning in something seemingly meaningless just for the sake of posting everyday, so that explains why I haven't posted in a few days. Not much action on this end!
I did, however, go to see my friend Ava in her first production since being in NYC. She was amazing! One thing I love about being in the city is that everywhere you turn, you'll see some kind of art, person, building, or signage that catches your eye and is worth capturing a photo of.

While in Union Square, I saw this cart with beautiful pictures of memorable sites around NYC, and one side had pictures of some of the most popular streets in the city. What I loved about the cart of pictures was that they were all taken by a person with a regular camera, not a photographer, and he used his own computer skills to make them look like true art. They were beautiful, and it really shows the amount of raw talent that is just floating around the city.


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