Wall St.

I had a meeting scheduled for this morning, and I was so excited to discover that it was in the financial district! Of all the places that I've wandered to in the city, I've never gone over there. Immediately after stepping off the train, I was surrounded by businessmen in tailored suits, all holding briefcases. I loved it! Nothing like a man in a suit on his way to work! Since I had a little while before my meeting started , I decided to wander around and take in a few blocks of this part of Manhattan I've never traveled to. The architecture is beautiful, and the cobblestone streets that are blocked off for pedestrians only is a genius idea! I took a few pictures of some of the buildings that had statues, or a lot of people gathering around it, but this one building was breathtaking and really stood out, even though the sun had fell a bit after my meeting and wasn't illuminating it as much as it was before. I had to take a picture! I can definitely see myself coming here more often to walk around and just enjoy the scenery!


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